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Hotel management system complete c # source code

Jinhai Lake Resort this subject from the actual business needs. Jinhai Lake Resort is a private nature of the  work in the tourism and leisure businesses, Jinhai Lake Resort is a leisure, entertainment, vacation and team  business activities as the main business of the star lei...

Library Management

use netbean develop a library system  Hi could someone build a program in netbeans for a booklibrary please.The program should provide a menu of options to work with the library, including: 1) Adding a new item to the library...

web application for online dd

This project of mine aimed at creating integrated web application which can be accessed by A unique card.The idea is to add financial features to the government aadhar card which can be used for nationwide transactions.Services like medicines,books,and online generation of demand draft a...

Writing c # code

Robocode in July 2001 in the United States published on the Web IBM alphaWorks tank robot combat simulation engine. Is different from the usually play games: competitors must use to program robots, robot design intelligence to command it automatically, rather than directly from the keyboard, mouse,...

icons for the system programming

This package contains a number of useful icons to join them in programs that can be implemented in the future...

tim hieu ve module thu phat cc1100

The CC1100 is a low-cost sub- 1 GHztransceiver designed for very low-powerwireless applications. The circuit is mainlyintended for the ISM (Industrial, Scientific andMedical) and SRD (Short Range Device)frequency bands at 315, 433, 868, and 915MHz, but can easily be programmed foroperation at other...

hospital management system

This is a Project work undertaken in context of partial fulfillment of MCA.I have triedmy best to make the complicated process of Online Hotel Management System as simpleas possible using Structured & Modular technique & Menu oriented interface. I have triedto design the software in such a w...

Shopping Manager

ALLDATA Manage, an advanced shop management system, was designed by automotive professionals who understand the complexities of running a shop. In addition to detailed customer write-up functions, ALLDATA Manage includes innovative features to protect your profit margins, greatly boost productivity...


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