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SerialPort in C#

Hi Guys, this is my first post and below are the description of project in C#, using the basic of SerialPort  .I created a program using write and read. With a Texbox you write anything you want and click a button "Send", and  this message is send through serial Communication (RS...


C#串口输出特定格式的数据,数据格式为:正文开始符+编号+数值1+数值2+数值3+M+00+正文结束符+2E。 其中数据为:正负号+xxx.xx。 提及的正文开始符为assic码2号字符,正文结束符为assic码3号字符....

Voice example card development East

This example is the development of a sound card, and East into the card, and, basic functionality, as the basis for call center fun. Thus further depth and extension...

TCP Server

highlight">TCP server.These class provide a higher level abstraction of the Socket to implement Server side program....

C # NamePipe communication

Previously collected a library of NamePipe communications, including Client, Server-side call examples, hoping for help to people in these areas....

C # Server programming

Through the client connects to the server, the connection to the server, enabling communications functionality is mainly applied to the socket to socket, as long as the understanding of network programming can make the effect!...

TCP data transfer

This procedure uses platform VS2005 with the aim of realizing simple communication through TCP protocol. Package there are two solutions, client-side and server-side respectively, respectively, for sending data to and receiving data....

Find and set a Mjpeg Camera, Foscam

This program is capable to find a Foscam Mjpeg camera on a network and setup the basic configuration: Admin, operator user and password, The wifi Id and password, set the velocity of the movement pan/tilt and its first presset info....


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