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SMS cat service

By communicating with SMS cat devices, implementation information in the database and number removed, according to numbers to cats via text message is sent to the appropriate information on the phone, and send success and failure messages for the record, sent several times to send failure message; a...

avr tecnic fo ecg

We are experienced in offering specific solutions to the Department of Defense for tasks in regards to procurement, consultation, engineering, installation, deployment and maintenance of electronic communications and Information Technology systems and have held various requirements co...

Serial ports send and receive test

Serial ports send and receive test serial ports 4,5 feet short self-receiving, by detecting the DSR pin status can be 1-channel switch collection. Meet the simple single range control...

Serial port communication

Set the port name, the baud rate, open a port, you can send data and receive data simultaneously, you can also choose to send, such as, can be sent in the m-16, and will display the data in the DATA section, that is, except the data portion of the frame header and check digit after,...

c# serial data transmission

Serial Data transmission seems a bit difficult for those who are new to the world of serial communication and VC++.  Long ago, I had searched on for some help on serial data transmission and I got some valuable information.  It was my dream to develop a simple...

Com port protocol monitor tool

This is an COM port monitor tool programmed by C#. You can analysis the protocol by viewing the read/write window....

Real-time file monitoring software

This software is a file monitor software, files in addition to normal monitoring functions, but can also monitor the contents of the specified file, depending on whether the file contents changed to automatically read data...

TCP server client connection

Application backgroundThe protocol is used to establish a virtual connection between the host and the host to realize the high reliability of data packet switching. The IP protocol can be divided and assembled in IP data packets, but it is not clear whether the data packets are transmitted to the ta...

Communication chat

Application backgroundTCP will maintain its head and data inspection and. This is an end to end inspection and the purpose is to detect any changes in the data transmission process. If you receive a section of the test and error, TCP will discard the packet and not acknowledge receipt of this messag...

Very good dynamic serial data read source

Application background.NET platform to create the C# serial communication program,.NET provides the function of serial communication, the namespace is System.IO.Ports, C# serial communication program to create the specific implementation is how? Let's get started....


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