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C # chat rooms

This is a used c # to write a chat room that can support multiplayer chat, on a one-on-one chat. Client is the user login server is used to make specific messages according to specific message forwarding...

Socket chat software

Socket (socket) is a network programming interface independent of the Protocol, in the OSI model, focused on the session layer, and transport layer. Socket actually represents a valid endpoint for communicating between the two entities. Through the socket to get the source IP address and source port...

Enterprise instant messaging system

Application backgroundPrismServer: 2 based chat client and server side solutions.Key TechnologyPrismServer is a multi-user message to you with a chat and other general-purpose purpose. The complete solution to the net application, the idea is as a chat application, such as creating and enter the cha...

simple chat code with md5 encryption

simple chat code with md5 encryption in c#...

Goods into the sales management system

Training programs can be used, I tried, very good, I hope to help those kids just started smoothly through training programs, and was hit from inspiration, to be able to do their own independent projects. I also hope to be able to share with you to explore solutions to the project, thank you. I hope...


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