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A LAN chat tool source code (from the Web)

Complete source code routines, and Handling precautions ( 1 ) On one computer, two or more users can not log on. ( 2 ) In front of the video, the client and the remote client communication window must be open. ( 3 ) At the time of sending large pictures,...

The TCPIP server C #

Application backgroundThis is a simple c# server project in which the user can send and receive data over the tcp / ip socket. the development is not all complete but it is working for the basic use. Key Technologythe key technology is working in c# windows forms and the basic development is c#...

Communication chat software

Application backgroundTCP will maintain its head and data inspection and. This is an end to end inspection and the purpose is to detect any changes in the data transmission process. If you receive a section of the test and error, TCP will discard the packet and not acknowledge receipt of this messag...


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