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C# agsxmpp 即时聊天

  一个很好用的xmpp开发即时聊天的列子  适合初学者   agsxmpp 即时聊天  支持多vs版本   ...

C # chat rooms

This is a used c # to write a chat room that can support multiplayer chat, on a one-on-one chat. Client is the user login server is used to make specific messages according to specific message forwarding...

A LAN chat tool source code (from the Web)

family:黑体;">操作注意事项 (1)在一台计算机中,不可以登录两个或两个以上的用户。 (2)在进行视频前,客户端和远程客户端必须打开通信窗口。 (3)在发送大图片的时候,传送的速度较慢。...

simple chat code with md5 encryption

simple chat code with md5 encryption in c#...

The TCPIP server C #

Application backgroundThis is a simple c# server project in which the user can send and receive data over the tcp / ip socket. the development is not all complete but it is working for the basic use. Key Technologythe key technology is working in c# windows forms and the basic development is c#...


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