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robot arm with finger This procedure is prepared using the OpenGL dialog based MFC programs, change program draws an industrial robot manipulators with six degrees of freedom, Programs, including how to configure OpenGL display environment based on the dialog, and six degrees of f...

OPENGL triangle

Establishment of blank Form The program, add SharpGL.dll References added OpenGLControl 控件 在 OpenGLDraw Added event draws a triangle, quadrilateral side length, color, and so on, provides a detailed explanation...

Unity really strong reality

You can use the phone (Android) to see the effect, is very realistic. You can use the phone (Android) to see the effect, is very realistic. Can use the phone (Android) to see the effect, is very realistic. Can use the phone (Android) to see the effect, is very realistic. Can use the phone ( you can...

3D Solar system with OpenCV and C#

Design a Solar system with opencv on C Introduction Hello this is a 3D solar system implementation with OpenGL and C#. I tried to keep it simple because this demo it’s only for educational purposes. It contains the sun, the planets, our moon, the planet’s orbit and some stars. It is pr...

Texture mapping

Is a c#.NET platform using OpenGL texture map example. Texture the whole process is relatively clear, complete. Tested to be successful, is a novice to learn good examples of texture mapping.                   ...

C # OpenGL 3D: ingestion of fish

Said, we have to implement the following functions: WSAD or arrow keys of the keyboard, you can achieve after moving around; press the Q key, climbing (stairs going upstairs in the CS) and press the e key, and drop press and hold the left mouse button to move around, follow the rotation of the camer...

Use OpenGL to draw three-dimensional diamond heart shape parameter

Application background We need to draw a 3D diamond in different shapes. I started it with heard shape. user want this shape to draw in 3D space such as user can change any parameters of diamond shape. like diameter, table size, gurdle size, pavallion angle, start angle, etc... OpenGl is a g...


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