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Gray 3 ways

Introduces c # through the color image gray processing digital images in 3 ways, Bitmap and BitmapData and Graphics classes are c # image processing 3 important categories.Bitmap provided for working with images defined by pixel data object methods and properties are as follows:GetPixel and SetPixel...

Video capture

Imports LeapImports System.Windows.InkImports Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.DevicesImports WebcamControlImports System.Drawing.ImagingImports System.IOClass MainWindow    Private Declare Function SetCursorPos Lib "user32" (x As Integer, y As Integer) As Boolean    Privat...

OpenGL entry procedures 3D graphics

Application backgroundOpenGL combined with the development of c# entry procedures, a simple realization of the three-dimensional graphics rendering and rotation,.Net platform using OpenGL library examples. Code is simple and complete. After testing to be successful, it is a good example of learning...


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