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Client Server Programming

Compile the server and client programs separately. Before compiling change the IP address in both programs to match that of your machine (NOTE : to get your IP address  run 'ipconfig' from the command prompt in Windows NT/2000 m/c's)When the server program is run, it will indicate at which IP i...

Asynchronous Socket C/S instance

Application background This is a good example for client / server using to asynchronize socket with c#. I was tested on VS2010. I hope help to many to other programmers... Key Technology Tech: Server code used socket with ioctl. and Server code used thread pooling for ac...

C#socket chat

This program is realized by using the socket chat function. The program consists of both server-side and client. Create a socket object on the server side, the Listen method to listen for client connection requests. Connection is completed, create a new socket is used to interact with the client. Ac...

TCP/IP communication


GG-V3.2 chat


Mysqldemo database operation

Application backgroundmysql数据库连接vs2013操作,datagradview利用dataset实现数据加载Key Technologyvs2013c#连接mysql,实现sql语句的执行,insert、update、delete、select,创建了两个用户登录...

C # TCP client server

服务器关系的实现。关键技术单独编译服务器和客户端程序。在程序编译之前更改IP地址匹配的机器(注:把你的IP地址 ;运行“ipconfig”从命令提示符在Windows NT/2000 M / C)当服务器程序运行时,它会显示它正在运行的知识...


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