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TcpListener and TcpClient, and socket getting started

space:nowrap;">Tcp Listener ,Tcp Client 和  socket实现了双机用tcp协议通信,解决了书中线程处理部分的错误。                          &n...

Mobile SMS messaging gateway code

Message sent when an informal version, because there is no version, so you can upload. May need to look at....

Sharpcap-network caught

SharpPcap is Tamir Gal specially for. Net development environment to write packet capture framework, it is perfect combination of core component Winpcap and Windows networking functions. The Assembly inherited Winpcap overtook Winpcap and it uses message mechanism, most vividly of the advantages of...

Socket high performance General instances

space:nowrap;">Socket high performance General instances ... 100 clients experiments without errors...

Client Server Programming

Compile the server and client programs separately. Before compiling change the IP address in both programs to match that of your machine (NOTE : to get your IP address  run 'ipconfig' from the command prompt in Windows NT/2000 m/c's)When the server program is run, it will indicate at which IP i...

Socket Programming-Calculator

Hi :) this program is interested in Socket programming with calculator. There are server, client class and Dlls library. Firstly,Server class should be executed. Afterthat client class should executed. After the Numbers and operations are selected, on the side of server, process...

C # to write a UDP-based chat program


TcpRouter asynchronous Socket write c # programs

size:16px;">C#源码,用于监听一个端口,转发到指定IP 端口的另一台计算机。一般用于熟悉C#的人使用,可自由修改一适应编程环境的需要。...

Asynchronous Socket C/S instance

Application background This is a good example for client / server using to asynchronize socket with c#. I was tested on VS2010. I hope help to many to other programmers... Key Technology Tech: Server code used socket with ioctl. and Server code used thread pooling for ac...



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