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Parallelizing Morph algorithm using C#

-Overview: Morphs two images outputting the result as a sequence of bitmaps or a movie clip. -Hardware requirement: This sample requires DirectX 11 capable card, if none detected sample will use DirectX 11 Reference Emulator. -Software requirement: Install Visual Studio 2012 from http:/...

Blend Images

A demo of very simple image manipulation using a Parallel.For loop.  The application allows the user to load up two images and blends them together into a single, new image.         ...

Sort vector elements

This program is applied parallel sorting algorithm Betchera.  This algorithm belongs to a group of parallel sorting, the main difference between these algorithms is the possibility of parallel (simultaneous) act on sorting numerical data sets. class MyParSort   Class void Setup   Fu...

bubble sort with parallel computing

Bubble sort is a simple and well-known sortingalgorithm. It is used in practice once in a blue moon and its main applicationis to make an introduction to the sorting algorithms. Bubble sort belongs toO(n2) sorting algorithms, which makes it quite inefficient forsorting large data volumes. Bubble sor...


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