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email sending using c #

ejifdhsj,cmn,xhjljxn h,jkn, .kjndflkjvn mxkjdvjkkz,nxvvhdjkn uzlhn digb jhdfsbvjb kbdhb dkjhbljbsa,vnkbdsj ,m,ds...

Email source code

try{Coding provisional compulsory as GB2312Encoding encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(936);MailMessage Message = new MailMessage(New MailAddress ("your mailbox", "5", encoding),//first is the sender's address, and the second parameter is the senderNew MailAddress (TextBox1.Text));/...

Vs2013 version of the.NET mail server source code OPENMAIL

Application Tomas version of the development of the mail server, server essential features. The program with C prepared using Microsoft. Net development framework, support for ASP. Net, C and WinForms send e-mail, it does not need to use library System.Web.Mail can easily create email...

SSIS calls the mail control to send a custom message

Application backgroundSSIS SQL calls the mail control, send e-mail, set up SMTP, send attachments, through the configuration of the sender, the recipient, send attachments, etc....


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