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Free ID card reader

space:nowrap;">Free ID card reader, you can read the ID cards so the information, refer a friend in need...

Library management system

Library management systems, there is a complete code, books and deletions can be made to change the function, use the c # programming language, there is no wrapper code, you can modify the graphical user interface interface style, suitable for student jobs....


size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">simetrica加密代码,我得到另一个开源代码...

Optical character recognition

size: 18.0180187225342px;">OCR libary ,光学字符识别...

Image processing


Paint in C#

It is a simple Paint application in C# with several drawing tools like line, rectangle, circle and coloring paint bucket tool....

Web Cam Schedule Recorder

C sharp application 2010, This application is about using a webcam to capture video to a file (.avi). It also has the ability to schedule recording times to start the video capturing automatically. We can use any webcam and set all kinds of properties to use with the webcam like video size and...

C# SMS cat call

size:14px;">C# 短信猫GSM ,短信发送,附上源码,可调用。本短信二次开发接口适用于WAVECOM、西门子、诺基亚、摩托罗拉等支持标准AT指令的GSM短信终端...

simple client server windows

Client server application multi-Threading, ...

Project management system

管理密码- 12345关键技术该项目管理系统是用C写的#。NET和SQL Server 2008作为前端后端。要求:Visual Studio 2010(SQL Server 2008)...

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