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C# from discrete points to contour distribution

Application backgroundProgram can according to user defined input generation random number, X range setting, set the scope of the Y, Z set to custom build a series of random numbers, and according to the user set around the search number of regular grid interpolation, and then according to the input...

ArcGIS development based on data bou2_4p

ArcGIS, secondary development, data, containing bou2_4p.SHP,bou2_4l.DBF,bou2_4l.prj,bou2_4l.SHP.XML,bou2_4l.SHx,bou2_4p.dbf...

Hanoi tower game

Application background code C # bản demo thap ha noi Key Technology Mã thap ha noi nổ AKT ,   bài toán tháp hà nội ,   code C # bản demo thap ha noi ,   mã thuật toán AKT cho bài tháp hà nội c # , ...


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