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3D face recognition

This is a completely working 3D face recognition system made in python. Please find the instructions in readme file.It implements following features:1. Normalization2. Smoothing3. Interpolation4. Cropping5. Zooming6. Key point extraction7. Rotation...

Machine Learning Source

This is the real part of the code of machine learning, pro-test available. . . More suitable for study entry. . . . Very good. . . Now just uploaded a part of the source code, after the future will continue to upload up. . . I hope you learn and progress together. . . . ....

Python ArcGIS core bulk image mosaic

In Python Xia based on Arcgisn kernel completed has images stitching of features, according to image of location for stitching, for overlap to of processing, is behind processing of image will cover front processing of image, calculation all of entered file of space range of and set, then according...

Python implementation to play airplane games

Design play airplane games using Python, pygame development kit needs to be installed prior to use. Download:

OpenCV object recognition in Python

It's a script for sign-recognition in Python using OpenCV library. We placed different signs on the door, the computer camera made the picture, then it was processed and compared with database....

Fingerprint recognition using python

# Fingerprint recognition algorithmsActive development year: 2012## SummarySome implementations of fingerprint recognition algorithms developed for Biometric Methods course at University of Wrocław, Poland.## Usage### Prerequisites* python 2.7* python imaging library (PIL)### How to use itSimply do...

Three.js panorama projection transformation

2:1 panorama taken on a mobile phone, by projection onto a plane, apply to surface texturing of spherical cube illusion of sky boxes....

GN algorithm -Python code

Application backgroundGN algorithm is a classical community discovery algorithm, which belongs to the hierarchical clustering algorithm, at first, by Girvan Mark and Newman Michelle in 2012. Can deal with the discovery of community in the network.......Key TechnologyThe basic idea is to keep the net...


#   程序:百度贴吧爬虫   #   版本:0.1   #   作者:why   #   日期:2013-05-14   #   语言:Python 2.7   #...

Python implementation of the regular script examples of running programs

Python implementation of timed run script examples of programs scheduled to start the server script procedures...


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