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python tcp Clien ,Server

size: 12px;">是学习python tcp 编程的很好的例子。...

Decision tree classification algorithm

This case is suitable for beginners to master the Python language and proficiency and preliminary simulation of decision tree classification algorithm, the decision trees algorithm of thinking that there is a clear awareness and understanding of, the use of the data sets is the Iris, and attached to...

LinkedIN Clone

This is a clone for LinkedIn, It helps user to connect in a professional environment and share their skills with their professional friends....

svm smo python code

output target-output"> 支持向量机的执行情况算法使用Python 语言,实现一个简化的版本,包括实现完整版本的实现和可选与核函数. And包含大量的简单的数据设置,用于测试验证....

Machine learning

Application backgroundMachine learning source code (each chapter has) to achieve with Python. Want to understand the ability to download and combine the machine learning to improve their ability to learn from the book. I hope to give you convenience....

Pylearn ML

on practical way to learn ML and also learn how to program in the python environment. It is intended as a tiny framework to master Machine Learning algorithms....

python all basic programs

python all basic programs such as list,array,directory,add,update,delete fuctionality with snapshot of outputs...

The Perceptron algorithm for Python source code


Python alphabet code

size:16px;">源代码,请参阅提交的代码第一次。它是更好的搜索以避免 sumbitting 相同或相似的源代码在提交之前的网站上。如果你找不到这种语言在语言列表中,请选择"其他"。保持简短、 精确和完整的标签,请仅使用"...

Python Baidu paste it

Application backgroundUsing Python to prepare the Baidu Post Bar crawler, crawling time, content, and reply to the people, the use of the requests library files, including, directly to the python to the Lib copy folder. But need to install other lxml....

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