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LinkedIN Clone

This is a clone for LinkedIn, It helps user to connect in a professional environment and share their skills with their professional friends....

svm smo python code

Implementation of SVM algorithm using Python language, to achieve a simplified version, including the realization of the full version of realization and optional with kernel function. And contains a number of simple data sets, used for test validation....

Pylearn ML

This is a Python program done for Machine Leaning intended for a hands-on practical way to learn ML and also learn how to program in the python environment. It is intended as a tiny framework to master Machine Learning algorithms....

python all basic programs

python all basic programs such as list,array,directory,add,update,delete fuctionality with snapshot of outputs...

The Perceptron algorithm for Python source code

The perceptron is a binary classification of linear model in 1957, introduced by Rosenblatt, is the basis of neural networks and support vector machines. The source code uses the original form of the Perceptron learning algorithm, not a dual form, more intuitively understand the Perceptron model. So...

Python alphabet code

source codes, please refer submitted codes first. It is better to search on the website before submission to avoid sumbitting identical or similar source codes. If you can not find the language in the language list, please select "other". Keep tags short, precise and complete, please use o...


the application skype of p2p,implemented in python. download from internet...

python 写的自动抓取网页程序 python 写的自动抓取网页程序 python 写的自动抓取网页程序...

written in python program automatically crawl web pages written in python program automatically crawl web pages written in python program automatically crawl web pages written in python program automatically crawling pages...

Generate multilevel directory, make a CSV file

Python2.7 wrote Multi-level directory 的代 Code, you can copy and paste, make a CSV file . Just need to have more than one folder can be entered as a parameter. Note: you will need to add IPL1.1.7....

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