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Improved Bias algorithm -Python

Application backgroundThe traditional Bayesian algorithm has been improved, so that the efficiency is improved. Inside the original code from the "in action learning" this book, here for the source code to do a new improvement, so as to enhance the accuracy rate....

BT source, a very popular peer

peer software, tools can be downloaded online...

Cut facial image


Feature extraction

Feature extraction of images, including color, edge, and using Python and OpenCV implementation can be used for image matching and video tracking...

csv to json script

It's simple, easy to understand scripts that parse CSV flare JSON. It...

Social network game

This is small social network made in python.It takes as input a string and parses it to make a graph structure.Then we can find connections between friends.Their likes etc.Also we can add new connections..Here above mentioned game is the project taken from this course...

Climbing robot programs with good graphical interface

size:16px;">Climbing robot algorithms Python implementation with GTK graphical interface. Algorithm is described as follows: When there is no wall, moving the robot to the East default, after touch the wall, depending on the design of the transfer direction of the state machine. The algorithm can be...

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