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Archivo de ayuda Cython

[Cython] is a programming language based on Python, with extra syntax allowing for optional static type declarations. It aims to become a superset of the [Python] language which gives it high-level, object-oriented, functional, and dynamic programming. The source code gets translated into op...

Visual Cryptography

The idea of visual cryptography is a fascinating invention by Moni Naor and Adi Shamir (1994). In its simplest form, it implements an unbreakable (in the information-theoretical sense) cryptosystem, rather similar to the one-time pad, with the additional twist that decryption does not require any co...

A refined weibo

HOW TO INSTALL DEMO 1. download the source code from GitHub: 2. install the Transwarp Mini weibo use Transwarp framework, download the Transwarp source code from GitHub:

Phyton Capcha decoder

Captcha decoder 80% accuracy - Get softer image - Select image - Display text...


DANI The aim of the assignment is to implement DANI – Dynamic Artificial Non-Intelligence. DANI is what is known nowadays as a conversational agent, and it was inspired by the talking computers of science-fiction such a HAL, the Computer from Star Trek and Eddie from the Hitchhikers Gui...

change the file names

This is a tool to change the files name of one folder. You can use -h to see it's usage...

Chinese city weather network code txt format

Chinese city weather network code txt format 101010100= Beijing 101010200= Haidian 101010300= Sun 101010400=, shunyi 101010500= in Huairou district 101010600= in Tongzhou 101010700= Changping 101010800= view 101010900= Fengtai 101011000=, Shijingshan district 101011100= Tai Hing 10...

TRIBON 格式刷工具

 Tribon : 格式刷可以使用这个盒子选择操作,在所有字体区域中刷新文字格式...

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