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A Slovienian Python tutor for beginners. A simple explanation of Python basic.

A Slovienian Python tutor for beginners. A simple explanation of Python basic....


The current commercial finite element analysis capabilities will not only cover almost all the engineering fields, and the procedure is also very easy to use, as long as there is some basis for engineers can be a long period of time without an analysis of actual projects, that is, it can be rapidly...

1-D linear advection

a small tutorial for discretization of 1 dimension linear convection ut+a*ux= 0, using upwind scheme in space and forward difference in time. using Python...

mobility movement models

The code consists of simple algorithms for the design of movement model of different mobile nodes in  A DTN networks    ...

Fish Aquarium with Bubbles and Graphics

This program uses zelle's graphics library to create an aquarium with fish. It also has fish moving in both directions and disappearing off the canvas and reappearing, and there are bubbles. The fish are different types of fish from gif files. ...

Three dimensional illusion created

Application backgroundThree-dimensional Shepp-Logan phantom Can be used to test 3-D reconstruction algorithmsKey TechnologyFor any given voxel in the output image, the voxel's value is equal to the sum of the additive intensity values of all ellipsoids that the voxel is a part of. &nb...


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