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The current commercial finite element analysis capabilities will not only cover almost all the engineering fields, and the procedure is also very easy to use, as long as there is some basis for engineers can be a long period of time without an analysis of actual projects, that is, it can be rapidly...

Gradient descent

Gradient descent method, you need to install numpy libraries, examples are two points to fit. The comments can be removed from the full run. According to the online gradient descent algorithm formula prepared. Can be extended to multi-dimensional data points themselves fitting...

Face detection C++


Generating Private Synthetic Databases for Untrusted System Evaluation‏

Evaluating the performance of database systems iscrucial when database vendors or researchers are developingnew technologies. But such evaluation tasks rely heavily onactual data and query workloads that are often unavailable toresearchers due to privacy restrictions. To overcome this barrier,we pro...

mobility movement models

size:16px;">基金守则分 A DTN 网络中的不同移动节点运动模型设计的简单算法...

Eppstein Algorithm Pyhton

meta js-details-container " style="margin: 0px 0px 13px;">Eppstein\ 的算法使用图形变换技术。这种模式还可以找到 K 到最短路径从给定的源 s 每个顶点在图中,在总时间 O (m + n,log n + kn)。在 Python 中实现。...

RSA en python

This algorithm is an implementation of RSA in python as a final proyect of the course cryptography, it has the complete analysys and it is commented too...

The process not to say

Application backgroundScript para integração de nota fiscal de saida utilizando tabela intermediaria para pedidos de venda. Integra as tabelas PEDIDO_DE_VENDA, SC5, SC3, SF2, SD2 e afinsKey TechnologyScript feito em ADVPL e banco de dados ORacle. Faz as integrações banco a banco entre qualquer a...


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