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Some examples of Python II

An instance of a Python to do a photo browser, in fact, a player, and there are lots of good places, hoped everybody exchanges together, public do a complete fun instance. While primarily to learn common good luck!...

Command end login script

In general, we may need to log in every day with a URL. But every time we do not want to repeat in the browser doing repetitive things, then we can write a script to customize our network parameters. This is what the script can do....

Simple calendar code in python

 It's easy to keep track of life's important events all in one place...

Python equivalent of Unix Sendmail

This simple python script allow to pipe a SMTP formatted text into it, quite like sendmail work in Unix, but will works crossed platform thanks to Python.Example usage under windows:type mymail.txt | python sendmail.cfgThe sendmail.cfg file provided is an example on how to set target SMT...

ArcGIS buffer in Python

Application backgrounduses two inputs, point / polygon / line features and distance to output a buffer of type polygonKey Technologyuses python, can edit code of the toolbox after importing in ArcGIS...


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