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pyqt简单实例 - 图片浏览

Use Python to write a very simple picture viewer, interface is in Qt. Supported picture format jpg, TIF, bmp, gif. Main purpose is to make everyone what's written in Python, using Qt GUI.                   ...


Ns began as a variant of the REAL network simulator in 1989 and has evolved substantially over the past few years. In 1995 ns development was supported by DARPA through the VINT project at LBL, Xerox PARC, UCB, and USC/ISI. Currently ns development is support through DARPA with&n...

PYTHON snake

Using Python to achieve a snake small application, novice lightly spray, feeling in some places can also optimize the look...

GUI on supervisao Goodwin

Application backgroundsistema criado para fazer a supervisao da temperatura vinda de um sensor termico chamado LM35 que estar conectado a um arduino uno, os dados entao sao enviados para o sistema de supervisao que foi criado em python usando a biblioteca Tkinter. O dados sao obtidos atravez de bibl...

Two wheel vehicle simulation

Application backgroundUsing Python program, the development of a simulation of a two wheel vehicles, can be controlled by the instruction to its control, mobile, the location of the route record....


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