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ubuntu python get cpu usage, memory usage, bandwidth usage

Get ubuntu get cpu usage, memory usage, bandwidth occupancy achieved by pythonFile List:                                netflow.pyDirect python ***. Py to...

Capturing Image using Raspberry Pi

This is the project of face recognition system using python . This is targeted on raspberry pi board . so we have to  compile the kernel. We decided to use a simple plug-in Raspberry Pi camera module, which we will use to take pictures that we compare to previous ones to detect movement...

Running in the therminal youdao dictionary (based on Python)

Based on Python's dictionary, personal feeling good for study and research, function very well for introduction to programming the network was a great help....

change the file names

This is a tool to change the files name of one folder. You can use -h to see it's usage...

NFA to DFA in Python

For each NFA, there is a DFA such that both recognize the same formal language. The DFA can be constructed using the powerset construction. It is important in theory because it establishes that NFAs, despite their additional flexibility, are unable to recognize any language that cannot be recognized...

N-body problem python simulation

It's simple program written in python which is simulation of problem of three bodies under influence of their  gravitational fields.  Program can be easy extended to N body problem just by creating few more objects of class "body"....

Python calls C

Python c sample code used in this example is called cTYPES module, direct calls to dynamic libraries for c code file. Refer to the operating environment: Python 3.4...

Raspberry pie Python small-screen Radio Player

For raspberry pie on the radio player, written in the Python language, and requires Python support, needs to connect to the network and when using the touch screen. Interface using the fb1 screen control with touch-screen operation, require a connection to use TFT screen at a resolution of 320x240,...

Python Fabric

Python Fabric, server deployment ... mainly for the Centos Server deployment for Django projects. Mainly used in Centos Server deployment for Django projects. Mainly used in Centos Server deployment for Django projects. Mainly used in Centos Server deployment for Django projects....

Moving Humans Detection and play song

Moving object detection plays an important role in automated surveillance systems. However, it is challenging to detect moving objects robustly in a cluttered environment. In this paper, we propose an approach for detecting humans using PIR Sensor and raspberry pi ,pir sensor interfacing with raspbe...


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