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Cut facial image

Cut the face image. Python2.7 code. You need to add IPL1.1.7. Functionality is aligned to face. Input parameter is the position of the left eye....

Image segmentation of deformed snakes

Application background Any practical implementation of this algorithm should work only over the neighbor pixels of the 0.5-levelset, not over all the embedding function, and perhaps should feature multi-threading or GPU capabilities. The classes MorphGAC and MorphACWE provide most of...

CMT code live camera operation

CMT source, real-time camera runs, extracting feature points by topology changes between points, determine the target object changes, using the Python programming language....

Performing a image Search using python

First things first. Import the packages that we will need.  stored ourSearcherclass in thepyimagesearchmodule. We then define our arguments in the same manner that we did during the indexing step. Finally, we usecPickleto load our index off disk and initialize ourSearcher.Line 3:  each ima...

vehicle detection using opencv

we write code on cpp language using opencv this code will detect vehicle from live video and play...


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