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Python code and statistics tools

Lines written in Python code and statistics tool, supports Python 2.x/3.x. Statistical code can include the C/C++,Java,python,html, and the code is very convenient, as the other statistics. The simplest usage is to copy this file to the source directory, and double-click executionIf a parameter is t...

implementation of routing protocole olsr

this code is about implementation of routing protocole olsr contains interface for drow nodes and apply this protocole on it...

The raw data is divided into train.dat and test.dat

Application backgroundThe beginning is to do movielense data, you can be divided into the original data train.dat and test.dat, mainly in order to do validation experiments. Very simple and clear, suitable for beginners to see, if you don't like, please light.Key Technology# -*- coding: cp936 -*-Skl...

K-NN movie recommendation

Application background#coding:utf8Numpy as NP importSklearn import neighbors fromCSV import"" "" "which reads from the file and yields a Function generator"""OriginReader = csv.reader (file ("C:\Users\uuuu\Desktop\movie\u2.csv",'rb'))List2 = []Line2 in originReader: for        Li...


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