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Python development of automated operation and maintenance procedures

Application backgroundUnderstanding of automated operation and maintenanceIn fact, the operation and maintenance engineers, can automatically come to do not manual, can give the program to do things to do is automate the operation and maintenance of the power, the existing tools just letAutomatic op...

Baidu Web site gets permanent link address

You can build on your own BAE services, so as to reduce traffic. after extraction, a static list in there, put files in them, and then packaged into upload...

python develop a blog system

Use Python,django framework developed a Blog system, registered user login functionality, blogosphere, showing CTO, as well as blogging, modify the post, delete the post, recovery features such as blog, the blog can read statistics, and displays the publication time. You can also view other people's...

Python web crawler case

Application backgroundWeb crawler: also known as spider Web, the basic operation of web crawler is to grab web pages.Browse the Web: open a web link in a browser, as a 'client',   send a request to the server, and the server's file 'to the local, and then explain and show the process....

Micro letter public, Python SDK

Application background本SDK支持微信公众号以及企业号的上行消息及OAuth接口。本文档及SDK假设使用者已经具备微信公众号开发的基础知识,及有能力通过微信公众号、企业号的文档来查找相关的接口详情。Key Technology 需要配置几个...

There is a lightweight desktop Web application engine

Application backgroundHAE是一个轻量级的桌面Web应用程序引擎(Hybrid App Engine),它允许开发者使用HTML5,CSS3以及JavaScript等前端开发技术方便快速地进行桌面应用程序开发。Key TechnologyWhatever HAE的基础开发工作到这里也基本完成了,...

A refined weibo

HOW TO INSTALL DEMO 1. download the source code from GitHub: 2. install the Transwarp Mini weibo use Transwarp framework, download the Transwarp source code from GitHub: Web framework for efficient

Webpy  by Daniel warts develop Python web framework support for FCGI SCGI WSGI HTTP server interfaces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


cssHooksA collection of cssHooks that work with jQuery 1.4.3+.Current Hooks:margin and paddingbackgroundPosition, backgroundPositionX, backgroundPositionYborderRadius, borderRadiusTopLeft, borderRadiusTopRight, borderRadiusBottomRight, borderRadiusBottomLeftboxShadow, boxShadowColor, boxShadowBlur,...


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