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Python Baidu paste it

Application backgroundUsing Python to prepare the Baidu Post Bar crawler, crawling time, content, and reply to the people, the use of the requests library files, including, directly to the python to the Lib copy folder. But need to install other lxml....

Python reptile (Naver API)

Reptile small simple procedures can capture Web page object through the API, if you change the code for the page you can access other Web content extraction and analysis, get information from the search page, such as title search, search...

The diffraction lens Fraunhofer diffraction simulation

Application backgroundThis program will plot the far field Fraunhoufer diffraction simulation of a diffractive axiconKey TechnologyThis is used to obtain diffraction pattern at very long distances. Numpy and Pylab llibraries of Python are used to do this simulation....

Python web crawler

Application backgroundPython prepared with a simple data web crawler using beautifulsoup and multithreading...


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