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TRIBON 格式刷工具

 Tribon : 格式刷可以使用这个盒子选择操作,在所有字体区域中刷新文字格式...

Ant Colony Optimization TSP

This is a python code for solving the Travelling salesman problem using ant colony optimization. The code also includes a read me file....

Watercress scoring mining

A small crawler written in Python, suitable for novice students refer to function around is automatically downloaded from the watercress film scores, students who want to understand large data can look...

Method CSP

Application backgroundIn defined intelligence artificial may set of constraints a the of arbitrary constraint A contains domain variables of values whose only be taken on set a the from such can problem domain a satisfaction Informally set and constraints of elements. constraint specifying each fini...

Using Python and pyside currency conversion components

Application backgroundThis application is used to convert currencies. It fetches data from the Bank of Canada and use that to convert the currency . It has very simple design . Also the updated conversion rates keeps you updated.        Key TechnologyPython is...

Electromagnetic wave propagation tool

Application backgroundThis is a set of tools in Python language for easily simulating parameters related to propagation of uniform plane waves (UPW) such as its phasor (in case of time harmonic plane waves), group velocity, oblique incidence, reflection and the standing wave pattern created by...


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