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python for led demo

Python contact led screens, and query the database update led content                                      ...

Python reptile (Naver API)

Reptile small simple procedures can capture Web page object through the API, if you change the code for the page you can access other Web content extraction and analysis, get information from the search page, such as title search, search...

TRIBON 格式刷工具

space:nowrap;">format painter in Tribon: You can use the box to choose operation, in the region of all fonts to refresh the text format...

CRC generator

size:14px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">循环冗余检查 (CRC) 是在数字系统中,例如,常用的试验压实密度泛函理论 (可测性设计) 电路中,网络和存储设备检测到的原始数据意外更改错误检测代码。输入一个短校验值附加,这些系统得...

Ant Colony Optimization TSP

size:16px;">这是求解旅行商问题使用蚁群算法的 python 代码。该代码还包含的自述文件。...

The diffraction lens Fraunhofer diffraction simulation

Application backgroundThis program will plot the far field Fraunhoufer diffraction simulation of a diffractive axiconKey TechnologyThis is used to obtain diffraction pattern at very long distances. Numpy and Pylab llibraries of Python are used to do this simulation....

Electromagnetic wave propagation tool

Application backgroundThis is a set of tools in Python language for easily simulating parameters related to propagation of uniform plane waves (UPW) such as its phasor (in case of time harmonic plane waves), group velocity, oblique incidence, reflection and the standing wave pattern created by...

Using Python and pyside currency conversion components

Application backgroundThis application is used to convert currencies. It fetches data from the Bank of Canada and use that to convert the currency . It has very simple design . Also the updated conversion rates keeps you updated.        Key TechnologyPython is...


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