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Gmail python client

GMAIL text client to read/send messages. Useful if you are on a ssh connection and you don't want  to open (or you can't) a GUI or a browser to read your email. This client allows to connect to the server, read emails, send new email and more! You can also use this code to conne...

89c58 material, 8 80c51 essence, use and small system design. The simulation use...

89c58 material, 8 80c51 essence, use and small system design. The simulation uses wave Corporation simulator e6000....

Search dogs agent

Need to set the proxy for   3129, this machine can be used as a proxy server, data forwarding, then complete the proxy function                             ...

Python implementation of image network transmission

Application backgroundPlatform: windows or LinuxLanguage: Python, opencvFunction: can be realized in the windows platform or Linux platform, in the local computer to take pictures, can be in a computer on the LAN display pictures.Process: 1, running         ; 2, ru...

Wechatpy simple package using the sample

Application backgroundUse wechatpy login micro channel enterprise number, to achieve the Department to obtain information to send a simple example, based on micro channel enterprise number.....

Micro channel detection which friends are deleted

Application backgroundThe principle of the code is all the friends pulled into the group, if you do not come in, that the other side will you delete the...


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