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Networks-client and server

It is a python implementation of socket library. he Python interface is a straightforward transliteration of the Unix systemcall and library interface for sockets to Python’s object-oriented style: the function returns a socket object whose methods implementthe various socket system calls. Param...

a static firewall code based on pox control in SDN

this is a static firewall code written in python, and was ran in pox controller in SDN. you need to add the host which you want to block in the blacklist. ...

Python implementation socket

Reform program is written in python to achieve client and server file transfer capabilities. In the windows and linux can run. ....

IP packet capture and analysis

1. obtain IP packets under Windows, this time using the original SOCK_RAW Sockets, and set the NIC to promiscuous mode and set to accept all IP packets. It captures all IP packets through the card 2. Analysis of IP data packet 3. captured after the packets should be available to all results wer...

A simple Http proxy server

Application backgroundActually... It's just a python practiced hand, read pretty easy, source code can only accept local client access, but can be modified by modifying the IP address of the server, and then you can access from another machine.Key TechnologyNetwork programming in Python, the local c...

Chat application of centralized server

Application background Multiuser command line chat application using python Files: An application that can help multiple users interact with each other simultaneously. To run python server-ipaddress port-number Key Technology Key Technologi...

Python to achieve with the IP address of the source set the timeout ping program

Application backgroundSince the Linux comes with a ping set of time out time is not expected, so according to the online resources to integrate a Ping with the IP address of the source...


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