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The command word recognition system based on HTK

Command words based on HTK speech recognition systems, 10 commands will be recognized, they are: boot, shutdown, warming, cooling, heating, cooling, wind, weak wind, and wind, is static. Corpus consists of trained 23 people, everybody says these 10 commands in sequence words 3 times; test-level 6 pe...

Speech recognition based on HTK code

Mainly based on HTK speech recognition, including audio files, all the files required to run and run, and can be run directly, the reference value...


PCB design tools ALLEGRO strongest aids SKILL source code, there should be a lot of features only, can be directly installed on the use of...


Excellent foreign VHDL design tutorial, it can conduct operations such as ModelSim Simulation...

This is what I used to search sequence in the target section of code ~ Note: som...

This is what I used to search sequence in the target section of code ~ Note: some of which address the needs of their own modifications....

NLC method of network traffic classification codes

NLC network traffic classification algorithm code, for beginners to learn, may not commercial purposes,...

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