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Ads Chinese version

Application backgroundOnline with a lot of advertising exchange program, very famous oh. This is a free version, although there is no TOP10& NEW10 and other functions, but as an advertising exchange has is good the, have all do the finished the, the installation after direct connection ads Ads_a...

Cool ad exchange

Application backgroundPerl union out of the function is very strong advertising exchange, the code can pass through the email to the customer, the customer may modify the website data. ...

WebAdverts 1.60

Application backgroundCool free advertising exchange system, now the commercial 1:X free advertising exchange system most of the use of it!  ...

Label switching program

Application backgroundSupport random exchange, it's very simple things.  ...

Advertising program

Application backgroundWith the network function of [elvis].  ...

Sky advertising exchange

Application backgroundThe Chinese group work, easy to install, can set their own exchange ratio of  ..;...


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