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interface controls

XPMenu which contains controls and SPComm control, which controls SPComm for my...

XPMenu which contains controls and SPComm control, which controls SPComm for my needs according to their revised...


delphi source, supermarket management, sub-front and back-office management, not business...


functions : management of vehicles, vehicle maintenance management wizard files, the file system has issued a document retrieval, issued a draft documents of the issue, issued a personal financial audit, the individual card holder program teaching management system speeches of the leaders leave mana...

Image Magic 1.4.7 version

Powerful image processing, image processing can be layered. Handle a variety of graphics or image file formats. You can record the history of operations.Images zoom in or out or specify the size. Effects processing of images....


To BMP, JPG image compression format, you can set the compression quality, pictures, cross-width ratio....

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