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TMS Component Pack V5.0 includes more than 280 for Delphi and C++ Builder design...

TMS Component Pack V5.0 includes more than 280 for Delphi and C++ Builder designed TMS production control, save money and save time. This version supports the following IDE: Delphi 5,6,7,2005 C++ Builder 5,6 BDS 2006 (Delphi 2006, C++ Builder 2006) RAD Studio 2007 (Delphi 2007, C++ Builder 2007) RAD...


This button controls the OFFICE2007 realize the button style, very beautiful...


Virtual printer source code development process, all free download, and ensure the normal use of...


Remote monitoring equipment for data acquisition and maintenance of the main achieve the following functions: registration, channel selection, real-time monitoring, recording, save, play, fast/slow play, pause/resume, single-frame play/single-frame playback, drawings function, resolution setting and...


AES encryption algorithm Delphi programs, and files can be encrypted characters....


cinema ticketing system integrity source, graphical tickets, refunds, scheduled votes intuitive understanding...

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