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students pay management system based on object

students pay management system based on object-oriented point of view of development. Students pay based on information and software requirements analysis done then use Delphi to develop the software, students with the current fee information management needs of all functions such as inquiries, modi...


pe paper in 1 tool bundled source code! Please use the Delphi compiler!...


order to improve scanning speed, the program uses a multi-threading technology and non-blocking I/O technology. Proceedings of the main interface is a dialog...


multi-monitor displays, and more control over graphics display, the completion of some multimedia functions....

Shijiazhuang City, the traffic control department of traffic accidents managemen...

Shijiazhuang City, the traffic control department of traffic accidents management system, some counties and cities are still in use, Unfortunately, I am not paid....

人事管理,可用小型企业内部人员管理 采用Delphi编写,登录用户名密码为: admin...

Personnel management, small businesses can be used internal staff to manage the preparation of the use of Delphi, the logged-on user name password is: admin...

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