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ocr face recognition delphi

This is the source code of the OCR face recognition using delphi. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

Consumer source code (Delphi)

size:16px;">消消乐源码,(delphiXE),Delphi XE5实现的一个消消乐游戏代码,该代码是从外国网站下来下来,经过测试可以编译,除了图形效果稍微差了外,基本上和流行的消消乐差不多,该游戏实现了图形的拖放、自动消除、自动...

Delphi OPC controls that adapt to

OPC due to the use of standard industrial interfaces, hardware requirements are very flexible and can be connected to a large number of PLC and other smart devices. In addition, not programmers themselves for the complex communication protocols, communication codes that do not need to write too much...

modbus crc16 checksum

When modbus communication, we often need to calculate the crc checksum, the software is based on my own crc16 algorithm to write your own, write a bunch of command character in accordance with the modbus command format, fill in the first edit box, click on the calculate button four will get crc16 ch...


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