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hid descriptor

#A TJv Hid Device object represents a physical HID device. All static informations of the device  have been read into properties of the object. The object is created at runtime by a  TJv Hid Device Controller IDH _ Class _ TJv Hid Device Controller>Main which reigns all TJv Hid Device o...

Serial debugging

Can capture serial flow of data to analyze the message, do not need to connect the serial cable, bypass monitoring...

ID card recognition program

ID card identification, the use of ID card identification device for secondary development, can support a variety of existing hardware ID. The program can be used to make WEB components for easy access WEB program....

Delphi com port component d7

Delphi componentfor rs232 communication to windowsconnect micro controller or other devices to Delphi program environment...


* Memory DLL loading code 0.0.2                                           *  * ------...

CPU Info Delphi

You would get 0-10 CF coins after editor's review. The better the quality of your source codes, the more CF coins you will get. Please fill out the following sections carefully....

Usbblaster Altera programmer debugging program

Application background Another manner to build your own USB Byte Blaster for Altera devices. This device uses the original FT245 and a Atmel microcontroller to support the real usb interface to jtag signal pins. Another manner to build your own USB Byte Blaster for Altera devices. This device us...


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