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Delphi XML Serialization Library

This is simple XML serialization library for Delphi. Required version of Delphi >= 2010. This library uses RTTI....

converstion chiffres en lettres

ch_lettres est une unité delphi pour la conversion  des chiffres en lettres francais...

VCL to FireMonkey

FMX files are the Fire Monkey Equivalent of Delphi's VCL DFM form files in that they determine the layout and properties of the objects added to the form at design time. If you are starting a Fire Monkey Form from scratch you will probably never be interested in the contents of the FMX f...

Conversion between dataset and JSON

Application backgroundInterfaceUses  SysUtils, Classes, DB, DBClient, superobject, ADODB, EncdDecd;DataSetToJSON function (TDataSet ADataSet:; AJSON: WideString var): Boolean;JSONToDataSet function (WideString AJSON:; TDataSet ADataSet:): Boolean; overload;JSONToDataSet function (WideString AJS...

Delphi production of the elevator program

Application backgroundDelphi produced lift procedure, intelligent control on the number, stay layer is completely in accordance with the actual operation and structure design of fine, for practise. Simple components...


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