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Barcodes the scanning

family:arial, sans-serif;color:#2b2b2b;font-size: 14px; line-height: 21px; background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);">主要使用DELPHI编程,界面设计,好的设计...

Mail anonymer

Email anonymous source code project by Shadow  you can send email anonymer fot all people....


Simpe Dialer with RasDial, this source code is basic for making dial up program. if you want to know how to make dual up program, you can Download this source code, and learn it. This source code is provide by PHW............

Free Q simple LAN chat

A simple LAN chat applet, use some Delphi idServer control, similar to the iPhone interface, can be compiled according to their preferences....

Display color button

->"Install componet"的方式进行添加。...

Delphi canvas features

Canvas function, zoom function can be achieved                                                                         &...

Photo Design

size:16px;">建设者3D阴影的身影在Delphi编写+ GLScene中+阿尔法控制与OPENGL。工程与模型格式.3DS。允许你建立阴影任何3D模型。支持多个光源(最多8个)...

Networking monitor system

size:16px;">DBSCAN 聚类算法的实现使用 c # 基于密度聚类算法代表 dbSCAN 聚类算法的数据挖掘。该程序不是太难了,方便大家学习。有三个文件、 类聚类和聚类分析类群集-群集......

Remote desktop

Application background If there are codes in your description, please use "insert code" buttonto insert codes and select programming language. This will make your source codes beautiful and attractive. Key Technology assasasurce codes beautiful and attractive....


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