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Barcodes the scanning

The main use of DELPHI programming, interface design, good design...

About the image Local amplification

About the image enlarged to control cursor (mouse) of hidden and open other variables to determine the zoom position, constant sSide dSide controls "magnifying glass" the size and magnification...

Mail anonymer

Email anonymous source code project by Shadow  you can send email anonymer fot all people....


Simpe Dialer with RasDial, this source code is basic for making dial up program. if you want to know how to make dual up program, you can Download this source code, and learn it. This source code is provide by PHW............

Free Q simple LAN chat

A simple LAN chat applet, use some Delphi idServer control, similar to the iPhone interface, can be compiled according to their preferences....

Display color button

Delphi implementation can control the color button control, we hope to help.Use "Componet"--> "Install componet" way to add it....

Delphi canvas features

Canvas function, zoom function can be achieved                                                                         &...

Photo Design

Builder 3D shadows figur written in Delphi + GLScene + Alfacontrol with OPENGL. Works with models format .3ds. Allows you to build the shadows for any 3D models. Supports multiple light sources (up to 8)...

Networking monitor system

realize the DBSCAN-clustering algorithm use c # Data mining clustering algorithm based on density clustering algorithm representative, dbSCAN. The program is not too difficult, we facilitate learning. There are three files, classes clusteranalysis- and cluster analysis class cluster- clustering...

Remote desktop

Application background If there are codes in your description, please use "insert code" buttonto insert codes and select programming language. This will make your source codes beautiful and attractive. Key Technology assasasurce codes beautiful and attractive....


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