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STRING-enhanced GRID control EHLIB3

Enhanced STRING GRID achieved statistical functions, complex titles . Interlacing color display , and automatic tips, automatic sorting, locking multiple columns without scrolling, and a handy Excel import/export function....

Use of Delphi implementation of the miner's lamp management system

Use Delphi7+SQL Server to write a light management system, by detecting the status of the charger Board response to miners and bottom wells of wells, the system can manage more than 5,000 people at the mine after many mines actually used, to good effect, but need the support of the system hardw...


Simpe Dialer with RasDial, this source code is basic for making dial up program. if you want to know how to make dual up program, you can Download this source code, and learn it. This source code is provide by PHW............

Delphi easy recorder

The instance's mission is to achieve a record small programs, this program can use the MIC recorded voice into WAVE files are stored....

check keyyboard and mouse idle

delphi program use window api to check keyyboard and mouse idle...


SchoolClient Technologies was incorporated in 2010. It is an indigenous company registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission to provide professional services in areas of software development, ICT training for corporate organizations, schools and private individuals. Our services range...

Free Q simple LAN chat

A simple LAN chat applet, use some Delphi idServer control, similar to the iPhone interface, can be compiled according to their preferences....

Display color button

Delphi implementation can control the color button control, we hope to help.Use "Componet"--> "Install componet" way to add it....

Delphi programs

Uses both AnsiToUTF8 and UTF8ToAnsi system functions used to implement the Windows systemCoding unity among Delphi and Linux systems.Note: this version of FTP to upload files to the specified server, it is sent to the specified indoor pictures, audio, video files in the "improved version-automa...

Delphi canvas features

Canvas function, zoom function can be achieved                                                                         &...

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