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Extracting Delphi camera QR code

Delphi on the PC, open the camera, grab a two-dimensional representation of the ticket, and decode support the decoding of images in Chinese and English....

Xe5 disguised achieve gif animation. rar

Delphi xe5 disguised achieve gif animation Description: 2 controls TImage, TBitmapListAnimationGIF GIF Tools, out of each photo, assume that photo n, with beautiful pics all pictures into one piece again.Then put the bitmap property to TBitmapListAnimation your synthetic pictures....

Image Delphi control to support GIF images to play GIF animation

Application backgroundImage Delphi control supports GIF image playback   let the form play GIF animation   support for playing       speed and so on.Key TechnologyImage support GIF Image GIF animation to play to form support play pause and subtract speed etc Contains all the...


A package of standard and unique components VCL for professional UI development in Borland Delphi using "AlphaSkins". This is a powerful, universal, easy to use tool for application development and media business, with or without components. Also added some properties, which make this prog...

Various draws, access graphics, comments and related functions

Features: The component inherits from TCustomControl, features include: 1, graphic rendering, including lines, polygon, multi-point curve, round, oval 2, notes, drawing, including drawing with point to point and point to point draw 3, graphical access: read from the file format has been defined...

Picture viewer

The code for a basic photo viewing, is Delphi graphics multimedia development and application of advanced  control in chapter I of the code, suits the beginner to refer. The underlying code, but very simple....

drag image

Change the image of the shape being dragged somehow to indicate that it is the source.  e.g. grayed or dotted outline, made invisible, etc. I wanted a second drag image to distinguish where a drop was allowed or not allowed.  The drag cursor reflects that status, but I thought some other c...

Contour map identification and vectorization (program + source)

。-contour map of identification and vectorization, can be achieved from the raster maps (currently supports bmp, catalog, etc.) access contours. GIS projects useful....

Graphics32 controls 1.9.1

The latest version of the Graphics32 image controls (V1.9.1 plus amendments) is designed for Windows Bitmap fast drawing components and libraries, can easily create translucent, multi layers, zoom, Alpha hybrid, angle of rotation and other image effect....


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