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size:16px;">在使用"AlphaSkins"的 Borland Delphi 的专业 UI 开发标准和独特 VCL 组件包。这是一个强大的、 普遍的和易于使用的工具,为应用程序开发和媒体业务,有或没有组件。此外添加了一些属性,使该程序和应用程序使用具...

Various draws, access graphics, comments and related functions

space:nowrap;">  功能介绍:     本组件继承于TCustomControl,功能包括:     1、图形的绘制,包括线条,多边型,多点曲线,圆形,椭圆形     2、注释的绘制,包括带指向点的绘制和不带指向点的绘制    ...

Picture viewer

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">一个基础的图片阅览的代码, 是Delphi图形图像多媒体高级控件开发与应用中第一章的代码,适合新手参考。 基础代码,但是很简洁。...

drag image

family:Arial;"> Change the image of the shape being dragged somehow to indicate that it is the source.  e.g. grayed or dotted outline, made invisible, etc. I wanted a second drag image to distinguish where a drop was allowed or not allowed.  The drag cursor reflects that status, but I thou...

Contour map identification and vectorization (program + source)

contour map of identification and vectorization, can be achieved from the raster maps (currently supports bmp, catalog, etc.) access contours. GIS projects useful....

Graphics32 controls 1.9.1

The latest version of the Graphics32 image controls (V1.9.1 plus amendments) is designed for Windows Bitmap fast drawing components and libraries, can easily create translucent, multi layers, zoom, Alpha hybrid, angle of rotation and other image effect....


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