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Delphi Modbus master control

Delphi Modbus master control, the use of TCPCLient Kang Hai serial server with the Communication, under the crew received a serial port server serial port, and with the Modbus protocol communications....

Flying constant loadometer Management System V2.0

Flying constant loadometer management system source code, supporting multiple sensors, programmable logic.Language: Delphi 6/7Controls: FastReport 2.4, Ehlib 3.4 per cent...

LDAP Source

Get Content form LDAP Server ...

Barcode Maker is used by thousands of companies around the world every day

size:16px;">Barcode Maker is used by thousands of companies around the world every day and more and more companies get their copy of Barcode Maker so that they also will be able to make barcodes the easy way.Barcode Maker is used by Fortune 500 companies as well as in mid size and small companies.Ba...


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