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mysql db utils for restore and Backup

it is mysql db utils support  restore and Backup for is Lightweight project.It is more friendly   than the command line.It is more Lightweight than other utils. Instructions for use: first: setup ZEOSDBO  component  second :...

Delphi SQL database browser

Delphi SQL database browser. You can connect to the database and query the data in the table changes....

Inventory Management System in SourceCode form

This is a complete Inventory Management System and comes with full source code. Its code is interesting to study....

Database Comparer Full Source Code

Database comparer Standalone Utility Full Source Code Version Database Comparer helps to compare, synchronize and update databases structure. You can compare one database with another database or database with SQL/DDL script or even two SQL/DDL scripts!Database Comparer implement...

XML database-perfect conversion

You can quickly achieve the perfect conversion of XML and database, fast and convenient, directly through the functions needed for the interception of data is accessed, as well as in the database according to the format of the data stored in XML...

zeolib base mysql zeolib conect

Morfik's Zeos Package provides native database connectivity to database servers such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres Oracle and SQL Lite through native connection libraries or, in case of Microsoft SQL Server, through OLEDB SQL Native Client . Morfik's first database package built on th...

Sphinx connect

unit SearchSphinx; interface uses  Windows, SysUtils, SysServ, SysIntf, SysClasses, DBIntf, DBClasses; const   SPH_TRUE  = 1;   SPH_FALSE = 0;   SEARCHD_OK              = 0;   SEARCHD_ERROR       &...

Inventory management system

A database has been prepared using the SQL Sever, Delphi compiled interface is relatively simple, you can use this great learning Delphi and databases that piece of content, such as the SQL query language....

B-ultrasonic management system

Original Delphi development of b-ultrasonic management system. b-mode ultrasound image management system developed under WINDOWS MEDIWS systems, the use of low-cost video capture card and its drivers, new JPEG compression algorithm, improved report editing environments technologies...

examples for use in a DBGrid

Hello everyone, In this source we will see examples for use in a DBGrid:...


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