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Delphi cutting the image dynamically drag the cut box to change the size of the image

Application background  Delphi; image cutting program and source code     support for the mouse to drag the selected regionKey TechnologyThe Delphi comes with  , which can be used to cut the image feature, and support dynamic drag to change the size of the cutting frame....

QRCOED Delphi two dimensional code generation and printing support to add logo

Application background  Delphi; two dimensional code generation and print   all of the source and the real column procedures and other componentsKey Technology    QRCOED; component generation   support for printing and adding logo images...

DSPACK source code

DSPACK source, containing package,source and development needs based on DirectShow video components...

Medical imaging DICOM

Application backgroundMedical image data is becoming more and more popular, it is also more and more high, and it can be used to avoid the use of third party software.Key TechnologyMedical image DICOM technology, to achieve the CT, DR, MRI image read....

Delphi image compression and transmission

Delphi, images, compression, transmission, implemented by Delphi example screen capture, image compression, image transmission, uses for everybody study, if there are deficiencies, please forgive me, after all, is a novice, hope everyone can comment! Thank you, Ah!!!...

PNG Image for DELPHI 7

button, imagelist with png image procedure Register; begin   //Register all components   RegisterComponents(SPageName, [TPngSpeedButton, TPngBitBtn, TPngImageList,     TPngImageCollection, TPngCheckListBox]);   //Register component editors   RegisterC...

Image Magic 1.4.7 version

Powerful image processing, image processing can be layered. Handle a variety of graphics or image file formats. You can record the history of operations.Images zoom in or out or specify the size. Effects processing of images....

Delphi image rotation arbitrary angle rotation of the mouse drag rotation

Application background  Delphi; image rotation   arbitrary angle of rotation   the mouse to drag the rotation   including components and source codeKey TechnologyDelphi rotating image   production of rotating buttons and so on....

Graduation design of Delphi image processing

This software reference adobe Company photoshop Parts of the image processing functions, mainly using matrix operations in preparing the result code, and averages , Methods such as value difference. This software is for pf24bit bitmaps, each pixel contains 3 bytes of principle on its 3- byte math im...

Delphi style and image printing

Delphi style and image printing control used to select font for printing, and the printed image after adjusting the output print the results. When developing a DELPHI program print a report you can use this program, the program unit is inserted into your project, you can compile using...

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