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Image Magic 1.4.7 version

Powerful image processing, image processing can be layered. Handle a variety of graphics or image file formats. You can record the history of operations.Images zoom in or out or specify the size. Effects processing of images....

Delphi style and image printing

Delphi style and image printing control used to select font for printing, and the printed image after adjusting the output print the results. When developing a DELPHI program print a report you can use this program, the program unit is inserted into your project, you can compile using...

To convert tif images to BMP

To convert tif images to BMP CONTENTS ======== 1. Target platforms 2. Description 3. Installation 4. Read this 5. Known bugs & problems 6. More informations 7. Contact...

Ling Peng picture segmentation tools

Ling Peng picture segmentation tools, used to specify the image is divided into several small map...

Case 32-bit Delphi asprise ORC system is available

Digital English OCR recognition. That just one case, know Delphi development is how to use the asprise control...

Image browse source, image scaling, image Explorer primary source development

Application backgroundSee pictures of small programs, photo viewer. Open the speed of the picture, simple interface, is to enhance and control your image of the little work. Can you help manage all images, be arranged in good order to save time. Better control individual pixels, auto cataloging and...

Delphi screenshot of the demonstration example

Application background  Delphi; a demo of the roll screen   including the source code and proceduresKey Technology  Delphi;      ;...

Capture Delphi screen cutting components and source code

Application background  Delphi;   Capture;       and the source code;Key TechnologyThe Capture screen cut figure components support the designated area and source programs Delphi...

Fuzzy C mean image segmentation

Application backgroundDelphi interface of the fuzzy C mean image segmentation process, you can see the results of each iteration in the MyFile.txt file....

Implement the edit box text segmentation screenshots, preview screenshots effect, and save it as bmp image formats

You can set the edit box font type, size, color attributes can edit box text segmentation screenshots, screenshots can preview the content, and in the edit box to insert a bitmap, delete and other operations, and can be divided screenshots of contents save as image format....


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