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Analog picture dials

size:14px;">研究了下抽奖小游戏,自己做了一个。 delphi2009 编写的转盘小游戏,供大家参考, 用到了图片和播放声音,...

Latitude and Longitude to Pixels Converter

This is an attempt to convert pixels coordinate from bitmap loaded into a Timage into Latitude and Longitude. It includes the possibility to display Latitude and Longitude as East, West, North and South. I am working on the convertion to DMS as well (not yet implemented)  ...

ZLib + Base64

space:nowrap;">Using the D7 EncdDecd and ZLib to compress and encrypt strings....

camera online

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px;">proamam加载URL摄像头在线,捕获WebBrowser Delphi在大街摄像头在街上巴西安装摄像头,图像采集获取URL溅在WebBrowser,创建对象的摄像机,可以插入64个凸轮在屏幕DELPHI。...

Image geometry processing

Image processing, including image panning, zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and so on.Through image processing, complete the most basic image operation....

2_Graphics Example Edition



size:16px;">//auther Read101//For more samples go to//http://www.read101.8m.comIf you use this code know credit is necessaryThe code is hear to make it easier for youJPG_Capture_and_Compress...

A tutorial for beginners fractal

Application backgroundthis application, i try to convert from my task, that i've been done with C programming, and it's done with borland delphi, haha. i just compile it and running. just delphi only. next time will more complex about image processing. i just submit using delphi source code.Key Tech...


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