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Analog picture dials

Study the next lottery draw games, himself made a. Delphi2009 turntable games, for your reference, uses pictures and sound...

Based on Delphi and OpenGL 3D triple chess

OpenGL-based 3D triple and Delphi chess, this is my first program OpenGl learning, exhibitions.This is an interesting puzzle game, your goal is to be the same three pieces in a line connected. Yo contest with your computer.Game, press the arrow keys to adjust the viewing angle, so the best way to ob...

Latitude and Longitude to Pixels Converter

This is an attempt to convert pixels coordinate from bitmap loaded into a Timage into Latitude and Longitude. It includes the possibility to display Latitude and Longitude as East, West, North and South. I am working on the convertion to DMS as well (not yet implemented)  ...

ZLib + Base64

Using the D7 EncdDecd and ZLib to compress and encrypt strings....

camera online

Proamam load url webcam online, capture webcam in street for webbrowser delphias webcam install in street brasil, as image capture get url for splash in webbrowser, create object for as camera, possible insert 64 cam in screen delphi....

Image geometry processing

Image processing, including image panning, zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and so on.Through image processing, complete the most basic image operation....

2_Graphics Example Edition

Here we show some graphic examples with objects:A Class is a blueprint or prototype from which individual objects are created (later on we create anobject). Methods appear in a class declaration as function or procedure headings, with no body.Defining declarations for each method occur elsewhere in...


//auther Read101//For more samples go to//http://www.read101.8m.comIf you use this code know credit is necessaryThe code is hear to make it easier for youJPG_Capture_and_Compress...


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