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Write WEB in Delphi using IntraWeb control system

Download IntraWeb WEB system prepared by the controls used in the Delphi, nice share...

Delphi Alipay payment link generator

Application background  Delphi; payment link builder   contains source code and columnKey TechnologySupport payment to PayPal   support Alipay payment to bank card   generate two-dimensional code at the same time....

JSON Delphi parser Library

Application background# JSON parser for Delphi ## Why? Didn't like the other Delphi JSON parsers out there. They seemed too complicated for the simple task i had for JSON. So this is my go at it. This version is only tested on Delphi XE 3 and Delphi XE 6 (Android) but should work in...

Delphi example of a plugin

Implement a plug-in source code, which is included with Autocad's basic operations, the code will be simple for beginners to see, win7 run no problem, D7 release development, welcome to download 50 words too hard, also it is so, do such a thing is simply a mental handicap system in this way...

Save a Web page as mht file code

Web page Web pages Web page source code, images and other resources into a single mht file. SaveToMHT(\'\', \'C:TEST.mht\');ShowMessage (\'Done\'); you can also use SaveToMHT_InCOThread (\'\', \'C:TEST.mht\');ShowMessage (\'Done\'), which is very c...

Delphi Web site source file read

You can obtain the source file content, and then remove the content they want by editing the code characters, can be used to read the IP network and other ... ......

A IntraWeb, dbExpress to write the information management procedures.

Application backgroundA IntraWeb, dbExpress to write the information management procedures....


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