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Simple Flow Chart in Dephi6

Delphi component to drawing simple flow charts . Tested on Delphi 6, Delphi Embarcadero RAD XE5. Used as component in DMS / QMS software project –

Raymadrid [Plink Source Codes and also Bitvise] Launcher

i used delphi to create any software that i want,for example i have a source code - Skins was created for use only with Almediadev products.- Skins may not be converted, imported, or read by any application without components from Almediadev.- Only registered users can edit and use skins in the...

Mode program

Application background LDAP (eng. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is "a lightweight Protocol directory access") — an application-level Protocol to access the directory service X. 500, developed by the IETF as a lightweight version developed by ITU-T Protocol DAP. LDAP is a relatively si...


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