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GPIB communication examples



my own use spcomm Control wrote an SMS transceiver and serial debugging as one small program. For GSM SMS transceiver module, and support for AT command set phones. All of the original software code in turn, the more we can all share!...

Delphi写的一个比较不错的 OPC DA Server程序,作为开发OPC Server的一个不错参考。OPC 是OLE在工控领域的应用,同一了不同组态软件...

Delphi wrote a quite good OPC DA Server procedures, the development of OPC Server as a good reference. OPC is OLE in the field of industrial applications, the same between different configuration software and configuration software applications and communications between the standard configuration p...

communications debugging 1107 ALT

step debugging for IEC1107 communication protocol....

Mifare Card Dumper

Application to use any UART Mifare Reader device connected to the pc via USB. It will detect the card placed on the reader and dump the number on the log file. Can be used for attendance, basic communication learning etc....


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