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GPIB communication examples

Using NI GPIB communication prepared by the dynamic-link library examples can initialize 8920A test instrument, able to send control commands to control the instrument's working state, also be able to read the instrument of measurement data, using standard gpib32 dynamic-link library, programs throu...


delphi the CRC8, CYXLIC REDUNDANCY, CRC32-algorithm example, directly copy code can use it, can be saved obscure research....

Delphi chat LAN, server and client

Delphi LAN chat tool, the host running the Server service, the client can log on to chat. Can be used for company internal information find common....

DELPHI under the integrity of the FTP transmission code and DEMO

Application backgroundDELPHI can be directly used in reference to the FTP source code, easy to use. Can upload, download and delete files on the FTP server....


my own use spcomm Control wrote an SMS transceiver and serial debugging as one small program. For GSM SMS transceiver module, and support for AT command set phones. All of the original software code in turn, the more we can all share!...


By pcomm.dll call on the com port communication routines. Using multi-threaded, it can be to deal with multi-serial communication....

communications network equipment procedures source for a small company, not many...

communications network equipment procedures source for a small company, not many functions...

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